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What she said...

a recent participant shares her thoughts

Hello, I took the anger management & women building healthy relationships course. I’ve learned a lot of key things from both the course, that I’ve involved in my daily life. 

In anger management & women building healthy relationships, I’ve learned at time out plan that I do use when I start getting upset. It had caused a lot of fights from not happening and I even encouraged my sister and boyfriend to try it out. It’s something that has really helped me not explode so often. My time out plan is, ask my boyfriend or whoever I’m with if we can have an hour of are own time, I then go downstairs or take my puppy for a walk and think things out, when I’m ready I go back to ask whoever I’m arguing with if they’ve calmed down and are ready to talk, when ready to talk we do it calmly and resolve the situation in a better matter. I’ve also used a bit of the breathing exercises, every night before bed I do the breathing exercises where you close your eyes and clench all your muscle. I like this exercises because when I wake up in the morning I feel more refreshed and relaxed and not as mad. I also tried the couples yoga that was talked about with my boyfriend and it’s something fun we can both do together it’s even made us closer as a couple. Since I’ve been out of the course I’ve been better at understanding my needs and wants and how to keep so much stuff out of my funnel so I don’t get so angry and stressed out. Since the course I’ve found myself in less arguments, because I don’t use aggressive communication as much, I don’t let as much become a burden on me. 

I didn’t have any flaws for these classes because they have helped me sincerely and the classes have changed my life right around for the better. I don’t feel like the person I was before the class, I feel less stressed, less mad and less of a burden, I know how to talk to people, I use most of the tools we learned in the classes in my daily life. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to take these classes because they have changed my life for the better. I will be recommending the classes to friends and family as they helped me so well and I’ve benefited from the class for the better.