How We Help

Reintegration Support

John Howard Society of Brandon staff deliver programming inside Brandon Correctional Centre as well as outside.  We provide a link and familiar face for individuals reintegrating after a period of incarceration or for their families.  "Ready for Release" is a 5 x half day program that is run with our community partners once a month.  Ready for Release connects inmates with WestMan housing, literacy, education and employment resources; and provides them with examples of people who have successfully reintegrated in to Brandon after incarceration.  

We host drop in sessions weekly to cover common topics and increase a persons capacity for successful reintegration.   Coffee is on, children are welcome, Wednesdays starting at 1:30 - topics vary and are dependent on the needs of the participants.

Family support group offers support to families affected by the incarceration experience of their loved ones.  We offer a safe non-judgmental space to discuss the issues that impact you and your family.  Every 3rd Thursday coffee is on at 7:00 pm.  Children welcome.