How We Help


Provides an opportunity for offenders to hear from victims and community representatives on how poor decisions (including crime) has affected them and what needs to be done to repair harm. Mediation may be conducted as directed by the criminal justice system or parties may elect to use mediation to settle other issues to resolve conflict, repair harm and restore peaceful relations.

 Mediation is . . . .

  • a form of alternative dispute resolution
  • a voluntary, cooperative, problem-solving process
  • guided process by trained impartial facilitator in safe neutral environment
  • assists those involved within the criminal justice system
  • assists individuals involved in family conflicts (separation, divorce, custody or access issues)
  • A powerful effective tool for resolving conflict
  • can enhance or be a substitute for a litigation process

How does it work? 

  • Mediation contributes to the peace of the community by supporting individuals to reach resolutions
  • Empowers participants by providing opportunity to be directly involved in determining outcomes
  • Allows parties to jointly explore and reconcile differences