Get involved

Volunteer Opportunities

At the John Howard Society of Brandon we have many volunteer opportunities, depending on what and how you wish to help – there’s a spot for you.

  • 3 hours a year? – help us with a fund raising activity.

  • Want to volunteer and deliver life changing programming – help out with our anger management or Building Healthy Relationship program delivery over a weekend.

  • Want to put your life experience to work – by guiding us as we grow? Join the Board and meet monthly providing strategic guidance to management.

We will provide you a fulfilling volunteer experience based on your needs and desires.



Full Time Permanent

Sorry, we have no openings at this time , please check back later.

Part Time or Casual

Sorry, we have no openings at this time, please check back later.

We're looking for a few good thinkers..


Bored? We can fix that

As we build to our next Annual General Meeting we are looking for potential new BOARD MEMBERS.


Open Mind

Community Justice minded

Strategic thinker

Available 3 hours a month for regularly scheduled meetings (summers off)